Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Road Life

The summer travel season is upon us and along with ut coems all those wonderful people that don't frequent the airport often thereby clogging up and already horendous situation. When I retire I plan on writinng the funny stories of life on the road in these United States. In the meantime we'll comment on the state of travel and share some of the funny and maddening moments of life on the road - hey George Clooney has nothing on me in the travel department.

By the way my qualifications for the assigmnent are deep.

Flights in past 12 months = 186
Time in the air = 1 month of my life
Security Lines = 1 week of my life
Time in airports = 1 month of my life
Nights in Hotels =251
States Visited = 42
Cities = 150
Presentations = 250+
Additional Gray Hair - No Comment

Barry Bulakites
President Table Bay Financial Network

Celtics Stand Tall

Not for nothing but the Celtics played better than the Cav's, Magic, and Lakers - Yes Lakers!

The Celts knocked out the #1 and # 2 best teams in basketball and took # 3 to the final 15 seconds. Hold your head high boys it was a great run, now - Go Red Sox!

Barry Bulakites