Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How Social Security Conversations Lead to Happy Clients

Social Security is the foundation of everyone's retirement plan. Learn how to maximize it and you will be deemed to be far more than someone preparing taxes. Here is how to use it as a non-threatening door-opener:
  1. Tell everyone about Social Security maximization.  Everyone has an opinion about Social Security. It is easy to enter into a conversation. Start with, "Did you know that 70% of retirees lose thousands of dollars in Social Security because they don't know how to collect their maximum benefit?" 
  2. Here is something 99% of Social Security retirees miss: Spousal Benefits may provide up to $60,000 of "Free Money" .
  3. Share pitfalls:  Starting Social Security income at age 62 may cost over 100,000 in lost benefits.  
  4. Ask this question: "You pay into Social Security for about 40 years. Why don't you spend 40 minutes with me so I can show you how you can get the most money from it." 
  5. Call your existing customers and tell them how excited you are about your new Social Security Maximization calculator.  This will open doors to new business and referrals.
  6. Give everyone five business cards and ask them to help their friends maximize their Social Security benefits.
  7. Be enthusiastic!  You have the key to put thousands of dollars into the pockets of everyone you meet!
  8. Transition question: "I have access to concepts similar to Social Security in that they provide risk-free lifetime income. Would you like to hear about other ways you can guarantee your future income?"
Start a Social Security conversation and let me know how it turns out. We can help you explain to your clients the power of Social Security Maximization.

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