Friday, January 29, 2016

CPA Advantage Edge Program

Be Part of the Premier Program for Building Strategic Partnerships with the Accounting Community!

The Table Bay CPA Advantage Edge Program™ is an exclusive program designed to help advisors enter the lucrative CPA referral market.  How does it work? This highly specialized program has been designed to help qualified advisors build new business with qualified CPAs. Undoubtedly you have heard that one secret to unparalleled success in the financial services industry can be found by forming strong alliances with CPAs.  Our unique CPA program shows you how to successfully build long term, powerful business alliances with accountants in your area.  CPAs around the country are looking to add wealth preservation services to their existing practice.  These CPAs turn to you as their “go to advisor” to help them with their clients’ retirement distribution and financial planning needs.

For over a decade, we have been helping advisors form successful alliances with CPAs and increase their income exponentially.  Learn how to turn CPAs into eager partners and get in front of clients who need and want your specialized expertise.

Do you want to increase your income and get in front of quality prospects? Contact us today to learn more about this exclusive program and make 2016 your best year ever!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Advisors Summit 2016

Why are some advisors prospering at a time when others are merely struggling to survive?  Things like increased regulatory pressures, the cost of doing business and a hesitant buying public have been making an advisor’s job more difficult.

Pinnacle producers today not only understand the New Realities but they are also equipped with New Answers to address the marketing and sales challenges that face each advisor today and they know how to implement success strategies into their practices.

Top advisors understand that marketing and sales techniques they have used for perhaps decades no longer work. They have embraced the new realities of our industry and recognized that understanding their clients better is the key.  They understand their clients’ needs and wants, and most importantly, their clients’ motives better than the average advisor.

Are you ready to catapult your production?

Table Bay Financial has long been an innovator in the marketplace providing exceptional marketing, sales training, and sales systems.  Our Advisors Summit in Las Vegas is all about NEW REALITIES and NEW ANSWERS and it’s coming soon!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Meet Baxter!

Hows the year going so far? We are now 25 days into 2016 and some people are just getting underway. Time to kick it in gear…

Baxter will change your world, improve your practice, and help make 2016 your best year ever…WE GUARANTEE IT!!!

So what does Baxter know about FIAs?  He knows the Bear Naked Truth and you can join him for a special webinar February 5th at 9:00 AM PACIFIC/12 NOON EASTERN…you will learn how Baxter can change your practice and make 2016 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!

Sign up NOW – use the link below:

We look forward to seeing you on this special webinar.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Prohibited Transactions and IRAs

Prohibited transactions can trigger dire tax consequences with respect to your IRA funds.  If you fail to follow the rules set forth by the IRS, your IRA assets may be subject to additional taxes and penalties. You also risk the possibility that the entire IRA may be deemed disqualified and immediately taxable!  Be careful not to offset the tax advantages of your retirement savings by engaging in a prohibited transaction. 

A prohibited transaction is any improper use of your traditional IRA funds or annuity by a disqualified person.  Disqualified persons include the IRA owner, the owner’s spouse, the owner’s lineal descendants (and their spouses), IRA beneficiaries and any IRA fiduciary. 

An IRA fiduciary includes anyone who exercises discretionary authority or discretionary control in managing or disposing of the IRA assets, anyone paid a fee to provide investment advice to the IRA (or has the authority or responsibility to) and anyone with discretionary authority or discretionary responsibility in administering the IRA.

Here are a few common examples of traditional IRA prohibited transactions:
·         Using an IRA as collateral for a loan
·         Using IRA funds to purchase property for personal use
·         Receiving unreasonable compensation for managing the IRA
·         Borrowing money from the IRA
·         Selling property to the IRA

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Why You Should Buy an FIA

The biggest fear of retirees is outliving their money. In the past, people could live on social security and interest on their savings because the rates of return were in the double digits. With the current 1% or 2% rates of return, there is a strong possibility that you will have to invade the principal of your savings. This could prove to be catastrophic if you live too long. How much of your savings must you deplete each year to maintain a standard of living that is acceptable to you? Yes, there are surrender charges with annuities, but this typically applies if you take more than 10% per year. How many people are going to spend more than 10% per year of their qualified retirement plan?

Where can you get the potential for an inflation-beating return and have 100% protection against market risk of not only your principal, but also of all your previous years of gains? For the past 17 years, our clients have enjoyed the guarantees annuities provide, along with the upside potential of market indexes. With the wave of new products hitting the market the Fixed Index Annuity marketplace is making huge inroads with American’s. What product do you feel suits you best? Sometimes, it’s a variety of strategies depending on your risk tolerance.  I regularly show people the miracle of FIAs - it is about what is best for you!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Retirement Plan Still Working Exception

If you have a qualified employer retirement plan, you generally need to start taking your required minimum distributions (RMDs) no later than April 1st of the year following the year you turn 70½.  This is your required beginning date or RBD.  Certain employer retirement plans, however, may have a “still working exception” for their employees who reach 70½ but are still actively working for that employer. 

An employee who is over 70½ years old, still working for the company and doesn’t own more than 5% of the business may elect to delay his/her RBD for taking RMDs until April 1st of the year following the year the employee retires.  It’s important to note that employer plans may offer this option but they are not required to offer a still working exception. 

Assume you have a 401(k) and the plan permits a still working exception, an option you have elected.  Now assume you are 73 years old and you decide to retire in July this year.  Your retirement immediately triggers your RBD as April 1, 2017 - your RMD requirement begins the instant you retire. 

In this example, if you chose to delay your first RMD and do not take it until, say, February 2017, you will still need to take your 2017 RMD by December 31st next year.     

*There is no “still working exception” for IRAs, Simple IRAs or SEP IRAs.

Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Summer Educational Conference

Table Bay’s 12th Annual Summer Educational Conference will be held at breathtaking Torrey Pines in La Jolla, California!  Over the years we have had great SEC meetings featuring top industry experts eager to share their insight and practice tips.

Table Bay Financial was founded on three simple yet important principles: PRIDE, PROFESSIONALISM AND PERFORMANCE.  We strive to incorporate these principles into everything we do and our pride extends to all of our business partners.  The Table Bay team is dedicated to supporting you and helping you achieve your professional goals so we make sure we create a program agenda that is packed with dynamic speakers.   The SEC offers new sales concepts, useful tools and effective cutting edge strategies that you can immediately put to use in your business. 

We have an important goal in common – all of us here at the conference want to significantly increase our production in light of market volatility and despite the challenges we continuously face together in the financial services industry.  This year’s agenda promises to be an exciting one that tackles the latest industry hot topics and showcases presentations designed to boost your business, give you the means to obliterate the competition and make your sales soar in 2016 and beyond!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Top Gun Sales Strategies

“Attending Top Gun was probably the second best thing I have done in the past year.
The first was joining Table Bay.”
- Bill G. , Arizona

Eliminate the Volatile Sales Cycle with the Help of Our Top Gun Program

If selling were easy, everyone would be doing it and would be enjoying an incredible stream of income.  The reality is, selling in these volatile economic times can be quite a challenge.  But with the RIGHT tools and training, you CAN do it well and you CAN see your income increase exponentially…you just need to know HOW you can take your production to the next level starting today.

We have spent over a decade showing the savviest of advisors how they can turn negativity into sales and even triple their sales within 90 days.  Our exclusive Top Gun Sales Strategies Program utilizes an anti-traditional, PROVEN sales system that can also cut back your current marketing costs.  Too many advisors spend tons of money on marketing programs that simply don’t work in an effort to increase their selling opportunities.  The Top Gun Sales Strategies Program shows advisors what they really need to know and HOW to use effective selling tools and techniques.

                    KEY POINTS

Our Exclusive Top Gun Sales Strategies Training is Coming Soon!  During this 2 ½ day training program you can learn how to: 
  • Get 2,400 Selling Opportunities Each Year 
  • Keep Your Pipeline FILLED With Qualified Prospects 
  • Anti-Traditional Selling Strategies That Work 
  • Steps to TRIPLE Your Sales in the Next 90 DAYS 
  • The POWER of Effective Story Telling – What You MUST Know 
  • Turn Negativity Into SALES – Preparing for the Unpredictable 
  • Generate HUGE Commissions With an EXCLUSIVE Retirement Product 
  • The Secret to Tax-Free Retirement

Our next Top Gun is February 10th-12th here in sunny San Diego, CA. Call us today at (866) 225-1786 ex. 315 to see if you qualify, learn more about the program, and secure your spot.  Let us help you make 2016 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Life Insurance - The Greatest Gift Of Love

Many years ago an iconic life insurance agent by the name of Tom Wolfe taught me a phrase which I use to this day – “how much money will it take to keep your family in their own world, the world which you created?”

Think about the power of that question. Isn't it true that our children will love us no matter what? We've all heard that our children love us no matter where they live and no matter what conditions they live in. Is not it equally true however that we have created worlds for them that are designed to give them security, happiness, and opportunities to be whatever they want in life? Don’t we have an obligation then to make sure that world is maintained even after we are gone?

You don't sell insurance, you sell love and leaving the ones we love better off, not worse off when the worst event in their life happens. I am convinced that until an advisor processes a death claim and sees how much difference the insurance makes in the life’s of the beneficiaries, you really have no idea how much good you truly do for the people you serve.

Many times I hear and read in various publications that life insurance is not a good deal. When the claim is filed, no one questions if life insurance was a good deal. Today there is a renaissance in the life insurance business largely because of the tax favored status of life insurance payments and the ability to accumulate cash inside of a contract and then pay it out tax-free for retirement purposes. This is a long awaited and amazing opportunity for people to retire using one of the greatest tax breaks inside of the Internal Revenue Code.

That said, forgetting the true miracle of life insurance would be a mistake. As I talk to advisors and even my own staff I hear them constantly talking about what's the commission rate; what's the target premium; what's the override. Sometimes I have to resist the urge to grab them and explain how they don't understand the true miracle of this great industry and the products that we have the privilege to represent.

Have pride in what you do. Our business is not about rates of return, commission rates, trips and contest, or all of the other nonsense that permeates our business. What you do is noble and honorable. You create money when the money is needed the most.

Never lose sight that what you do allows people to give the greatest gift of love- which is allowing the people we love to remain in their own world after we’re gone.

Friday, January 8, 2016

5 Keys to Making 2016 Your Best Year Ever

Ah, January! The holidays are over. January is the best month of the entire year! Why? Because we get to push the “reset button” and have another 365 days to have a financial practice we all dream of. This is also the time of the year in which we at the Table Bay begin our Pinnacle Producer Coaching Program. Historically during the month of January, we get many questions from advisors asking us to show them how to make the current year their best year ever.

While there are many, many great ideas floating around about how to build your practice and increase your revenue, the last 30 years of coaching advisors on how to build the practice of their dreams has proven something to me - advisors can reach the pinnacle of sales success if they simply do 5 Key Things.

Let's briefly explore the 5 Key Things that can make 2016 your best year ever.  They are:

1. Get Focused. Over the past 30 years, research has shown undeniably that those advisors who demonstrate laser-like focus and have a clear and highly defined value proposition (based on that focus) will do significantly better than those advisors who are more diverse in their offerings. Unfortunately many advisors choose to be, as the old saying goes, a “Jack of all trades, master of none.”  But really think about it…who makes more money? The general practitioner or the brain surgeon? Financial advisors who not only limit the scope of their practice but also become an expert in their chosen area make significantly more income than those advisors who dabble in many different areas. 

2. Get a Fabulous Marketing Strategy.  Your marketing strategy must be well planned and completely laid out for the entire year. This should include your 2016 communications plan and the “Pain Point Messaging” for every month of the year. I’m confident you all know the definition of insanity, so if you're unhappy with your results from your marketing efforts, maybe 2016 is the time to retire the old, ineffective methods such as direct mail, seminars, etc. The truth is, they don't work so stop fighting it - you can learn new and effective marketing strategies. We found that the number one difference between pinnacle producers and everyone else was that the pinnacle producers have a disciplined prospecting system. Every producer’s marketing program must be able to open new doors of opportunities.

 3. Learn and Incorporate Simple, Yet Powerful Questions.  You must spark a client’s interest. Don't be in such a rush to make a presentation – it is critical that you learn the techniques of power questioning. Questions are to advisors what a scalpel is to the surgeon. Well-crafted questions may lead you in several different directions, but those questions will also always deliver exceptional benefits. For example, have you insured your IRA? Did you know you could?

4. Make Sure Your Product Knowledge is Exceptional.  It is important to know the products inside and out and learn how to properly position products with your clients and prospects. Pinnacle producers are exceptionally talented when it comes to properly positioning a product in the mind of the consumer.

5. Get a Coach.  What do top professional athletes, politicians, actors, corporate CEOs and advisors have in common? Almost invariably you will find that the top people in these fields have a coach. Coaching can help you clarify and define the key ingredients to a successful year and help hold you accountable and on track throughout the year. A great coach from inside the industry can accelerate your growth exponentially.

For over a decade, Table Bay Financial has been helping advisors optimize their practice and grow their income 200% to 500% within 12 months of partnering with us. Let us show you how we can make 2016 your best year ever.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Your Clients Are At Risk

Most advisors are aware that their clients’ retirement portfolio is likely full of risk.  The four most common risks everyone talks about are:
  • Longevity Risk
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Tax Risk

But do your clients know about the 5th retirement risk?  This is the worst one of all because most people don’t talk about it or even acknowledge its existence until it’s too late. There is a wolf hiding in the shadows ready to pounce and destroy your clients’ retirement distribution strategies.  So what is it???

The risk of long-term care is the 5th and “hidden” risk to the clients retirement portfolio. Most American’s simply stick their head in the sand and avoid the issue. But with today’s advanced solutions you can show them how to resolve this issue with “discounted dollars” with zero risk. 

Table Bay Financial advisors are prepared to help tackle the 5th retirement risk for their clients…are you?

Monday, January 4, 2016

Are Your Beneficiary Forms Up to Date?

While you gave thanks for all of your blessings this holiday season, did you also take a moment to think about your beneficiary forms?

Although a will controls the distribution of some assets, your beneficiary forms, not your will, controls the distribution of your IRA and 401(k) assets. 

It’s important to conduct a Beneficiary Review at least once per year to make sure you have named or removed all of the beneficiaries you want. 

You can also preserve an opportunity for your loved ones to stretch RMDs over their individual life expectancies.  Using a Multi-Generational IRA distribution strategy, those inherited retirement assets continue to grow tax-deferred or even tax-free in the case of a Roth IRA. 

Your local retirement distribution expert can help you with a Beneficiary Review - make an appointment for this FREE service today.