Friday, November 26, 2010

IRA Rollovers

Today, the largest IRA rollovers in history are up for
grabs IMMEDIATELY! This is the best time to get your share
of this business by making yourself invaluable to consumers
who are URGENTLY searching for safety and security for
their retirement savings.

A number of advisors are now selling $200,000 - 400,000
IRA Rollovers using our new 3-Step Client Attraction System.

According to LIMRA 75% of Americans with IRA's are not aware
of the Roth opportunity.

This is your door opener to explain the new law.

Can you give me three good reasons why you
are not going after those $200,000 - $400,000 401 (k) and
IRA Rollovers in your area.

I didn't think so....

Had two phone calls last week from advisors and one in New
Jersey rolled a $650,000 IRA to a Roth and his commissions
were over $42,000. I told him that should pay for a bunch
of IRA holder lists and postcards for his area.

Another member from Florida rolled $250,000 in November
from a list of affluent widows and using part of our client
attraction system. Check it out...